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The harmonious alignment of partner ethos, customer welfare and Rooted Company's philosophy enables a seamless and efficient collaborative effort; together we tackle the issues that really matter.

Core Principles

Rooted Company is committed to promoting brands and individual makers who keep respect for people and the planet at the core of their business. Therefore, motivated by discovery, we hand-pick those with an original voice that embody slow living, sustainability and timelessness. Our north star - giving customers the power and information to make their own decisions.

Sustainability, design and art lie at the heart of our core principles and every product, partnership and publication is an embodiment of that philosophy. We take these four principles very seriously and that is reflected in our research, content and overall experience:

Delivering uncompromised brand promise and enabling conscientious consumptive choices by endorsing brands that safeguard the interest of people and the environment.

Committing to a creative sourcing, design, production, certification and commerce process while curating brands that communicate and implement this well-defined philosophy.

Championing artisanal and high-quality products created from generational know-how or disruptive techniques that minimize adverse social and ecological impact.

Offering a unique and mindful selection of products and experiences, each with an original and distinctive story rooted in loyal, credible and transparent brand practices.

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