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Rooted Objects x The Soul Company

Rooted Objects and The Soul Company were up till this point, independent companies that were driven by the same passion of finding better ways to consume joyful luxuries while paying respect to the greatest luxury of all -- our planet. As independent Founders, we knew that enjoying India’s incredible craft and textile heritage, and being mindful about what we bought were not incompatible.

So, when we found each other, the feeling was serendipitous. Over many conversations, we saw that when we put our brands side by side, shared values, aligned skills sets, and a mutual commitment to collaboration were evident. Coming together, in fact, rather than working in competition, was one way to practice one of our core beliefs about sustainability -- to do more with less.

The Rooted Company is our partnership.

Our shared platform celebrates the intersection of dozens of lifestyle, home, and food brands that proudly make in India. Though each brand is different, their place in the Rooted Company is anchored in one thing: they go beyond creating beautiful products. Every object on our platform has been created with a more sustainable world in mind, some in more unexpected ways than others. Our partnership has also allowed us to grow and expand: we’ve added a gastronomical section to our remit, making sustainable living something that can inform your choices, round the clock.

We look forward to discovering more like minded brands along our journey, and would welcome you to reach out if our dreams and plans resonate with yours.

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